Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The scale has moved... only slightly up. I'm nowhere near my 01/29 goal of 140 lbs. I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised. While I looked at my anti-weight gain plan for the holidays, I probably only followed it with 30% discipline due to various reasons. Not to mention, diet wasnt all that clean either. There could also be that I'm just at the "wall". And that I have to maintain this weight for awhile, before I can get over the darn wall.

The new year is here. There isn't any time to lament and blame. Only time to look forward. I might actually start blogging about my daily consumption/activities again. For 3 reasons:
a. Accountability WORKS! (Please keep reading!!)
b. I kinda miss it!
c. I love having a record of what I've accomplished.

I also picked up two new books. Ori Hofmekler's companion book to the Warrior Diet, "Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat" and Mark Bittman's "Food Matters: A guide to conscious eating". Mark Bittman's book has months of meal plan-style menus which I love. More new recipes to try! I'm curious to see what else Ori has to add to the warrior diet and maybe identify the blockage in my routine.

Onward, soldier.


sctemplar3 said...

yay! more posts!

Iris said...

I still read!!

Jo said...

and i'm still reading yours!!