Sunday, February 22, 2009

:: Day 50 - 2/22/09 ::

Activities: The rain has rained on my parade. No mission peak summit attempt this week. The good news is the rain bought me some time to head to REI to get properly fitted for hiking shoes for our upcoming trip to Chile. I've decided to try the Asolo Stynger GTX light hikers, largely because its on sale!! Hopefully it's a good fit otherwise thank God for REI's great return policy.

4pm Treadmill Simulated Mission Peak Ascent, 2.3 miles (oops, really should've been 2.8 mi), Incline 15, 519 cal, HRa 163 HRm 173

a sliver of our banana bread, fruit and vege blend. Ready somewhere that the ratio of veg to fruit should be 2:1. But is carrot a fruit?

Random snacks:
another sliver of banana bread, 1.5 apples, 4 almonds

Main meal @ home
Broiled lamb chops (They were on sale at whole foods, i could not resist!) This recipe is so easy it will surprise you. The chops were marinated just before broiling and the broiling process only took 20 minutes.
Millet Polenta (Mark Bittman)

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