Tuesday, February 24, 2009

:: Day 52 - 2/24/09 ::

It's Day 52 of the weight loss plateau. Still hovering on the 159ish. Got an e-mail from a friend who knows a thing or two regarding this dreaded wall, she said, "Yes, your body is definitely fighting back! Your metabolism may be slowing down or something's clogging up your system as you dump excess amount of toxins as you lose weight." I hope to get more yummy advice from her!

Will try to do the kettlebells today with the 16kg.
Oops that didn't happen!

The usual blend.

Snacks for the day

Yawn. The usual.

Dinner for 6 is not an easy feat. That's why I make dinner at 6am. :P
Barley Mushroom Soup (Peter Berley) - 206 cal per serving

Thought we would have some hungry boys so I made a vege casserole as well (peas, spinach and zucchini baked in a light cheese sauce, on top of barley and brown rice inspired by Food Renegade's Gouda Vege Medley)


foodrenegade.com said...

This may be old news for you, but have you tried intermittent fasting to snap that metabolism back into shape?

It really works!

You basically just skip a meal or two or three every once in a while (the more random, the better). And, when you come off the fast, be sure to eat low-carbs, high-fat, moderate-protein for a while.

It tricks your body into metabolizing fat differently, and pushes you over the plateau.

Just some ideas!

All the best,
(AKA FoodRenegade)

Jo said...

Hi kristen! Thanks for your advice. I practice "under-eating" in the day time following warrior diet practices. But I get what you're saying - the body is getting very familiar with my routine and I should try to trick it every now and then. I will definitely try your advice!!

And thanks for posting a comment, I am really enjoying your blog now!!

mikee said...

wow SHOCKING the system sounds like a good idea. take that you misbehaved BODY! :)

thanks kristen!