Wednesday, June 25, 2008

:: celebrities training with kettlebell ::

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Last night while watching E News I learned about the latest celebrity workout trend; Kettlebells. The iron weighted balls are allegedly responsible for Geri Halliwell's recent physical transformation. The routine not only slimmed her down, but also gave her an amazing six pack.

Many other fit celebrities including Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Mcconaughey also use kettlebells with their workouts. It's no wonder why this activity is popular among the busy stars, you can burn up to 1,500 calories in just one hour of vigorous kettlebell training. The workouts include many squats and swinging the ball above the head and side to side.

Women shouldn't use over 9-18 pound balls with this intense practice. Kettlebells are pricey ranging from $60-$400! I'd recommend visiting your local sporting good stores to look for the best price.

Note: I cant wait to get a HRM to see my calorie burning and I got my kbs for $35 from Play it again sports!

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