Thursday, June 26, 2008

:: Day 11 - Summary ::

- 6am:
30 min run:351 cal, HRm 168, HRa 161
20 min kb : 251 cal, HRm 175, HRa 168 (slightly more efficient)
Baseline kb exercise: 16lb double swings, 30s work, 30s rest
Total calories burnt: 602 cal :D :D :D
I have yet to do an apples-to-apples comparison of same duration, same time of day and same level of starting fatigue. I was pretty gone after the 30 min run I could only manage 20 mins of kb. On Sat, i will do a test of just 30 mins of kb alone. Loving the new hrm though! :)

- 4pm: 60mins learning more about kb with Joe Sarti. [updated] I learnt quite a few new kb variations from Joe today. He also tightened up the bolts on my swings and even taught me the snatch! I can't wait to start snatching proper - I seem to do ok in it! :) Confidence is growing!


1/2 cup smoothie 80 cal

Breakfast: 285 cal (oops forgot to take a pic, but Mikee is my witness!)
1/4 cup smoothie 40 cal
2 slice of flaxseed bread 100 cal
2 egg whites 110 cal
1/2 slice of turkey breast 25 cal

Mid-morning snack: 1 banana 110 cal

Lunch: 350 cal

Veges + Tofu casserole

Mid-afternoon snack: 1 kashi chewy bar 120 cal

Dinner: 385 cal
1 unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea 0 cal
5 Khong Guan sultana crackers (incidentally invented by my grand dad) 135 cal
1 Liam's delicious chicken meatballs estimated 100 cal
Mini shirataki noodle soup with fish cakes and napa 150 cal

Total calorie intake: 1330 cal

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