Saturday, June 28, 2008

:: sponsorship! ::

So the prize isn't just at $1000 for me. My mum (who's always wanted me to trim down) is also up for additional sponsorship! Thanks Ma!!! My husband told me yesterday that he's going to sponsor me an ENTIRE new wardrobe and I was thrilled! However, that money is going to come from us, so technically it's not a real sponsorship but at least I wont have to get approval from him and I can go CRAZY at the mall! teehehe

Despite having so much incentive to win, I still feel like it's going to be hard to win because of the competition I am up against. I occasionally feel demoralized because I feel I've done _so much_ and I'm not even in the running u know? I dont know what else I _can_ do to get up there. There's still 7 more weeks so I'm going to keep working as hard as I can so that when I lose, I'll know that I already did my best.

Does anyone else want to sponsor me? The odds are against me but I'll take anything! Dinner, carwash, frozen yogurt, foot massage, carpool, gascard, quality time, vegetables, lemons, etc


grace said...

this post made you sound so desperate for money! which you are not! i think the prize for you is a healthy tone body and not the $$$. don't be discouraged! you are making significant progress and you have inspired others to live a healthier lifestyle so you should be proud of yourself! press on sister :)

Jo said...

on a contrary, i am so desperate for money!!! Having to help support my dad's family post-stroke has been financially draining. Every $ counts. :)

but you're right in that the ultimate prize (for me) should be the healthy tone body. Will i see you at bootcamp some time?

Valerie said...

hello i already got sponsorship from my family. I got abt 5 k previously from my grandparents for losing that amount of weight. They wanted to give me more when i lost more. BUT i put it back:P

Jia you.