Monday, June 23, 2008

:: Day 8 - Summary ::

Workout: I didnt end up makign it to bootcamp today. My left ankle felt totally destroyed when I woke up and I couldnt even walk properly. I think Day 8 is a good day to give my body a break from the beating it's been getting. Looking forward to swinging the bell tmrw though..


1/4 cup oatmeal in organic chicken broth w/ egg white n bovril 200 cal
1 slice of flaxseed bread with 3 strawberries and smear of ovalmaltine 70 cal
2 egg whites 90 cal

Mid-morning snack
1 banana 110 cal
1 angelcot (white peach) 47 cal


Egg and tofu casserole with fish paste 250 cal
Boiled vegetables 20 cal

Afternoon snack:

1/2 granola bar 140 cal


Egg and tofu casserole with fish paste 250 cal
Shrimp broth with shirataki and nappa 150 cal (2 cups)
Night snack, flaxseed bread with smear of spread 80 cal

Total calorie intake:
1414 cal


mikee said...

very interesting shrimp soup. :)

Jo said...

I love angelcots!!!! they are second to persimmons.

Jo said...

arghh!! they are only around for 1 week of the year!!! I am going to trader joe's today!