Sunday, June 29, 2008

:: healthiest chinese dish ever ::

When my mother-in-law found out about my healthy lifestyle initiative, she made this dish for me. This recipe totally agrees with my diet! Not only are eggplants packed with nutrition, they are also low in calories and can be deliciously dressed up in this easy-to-make number. I watched my mother-in-law make it yesterday and could not believe how easy, and tasty it was! I had to share this!

Mother-in-law's Steamed Eggplant Deliciousness

- 6 mini-eggplants (The long and slim ones, 1" diameter), halved length-wise
- garlic, minced
- ginger, minced
- green onion, minced
- soy sauce
- pinch of sugar
- sesame oil
- vinegar (I used white wine vinegar)
- 2 tbsp water
Calories per serving: 80 cal
Serving: 2

1. Steam the eggplants, skin facing down for 15 minutes until soft and squishy.
2. Mix all the other ingredients together in a small bowl. I don't have exact amounts so you'll just have to play by ear. :)
3. Remove from steamer and mix with condiments in another bowl
4. Serve rightaway or chill for a couple of hours and then serve. The longer you chill, the more the eggplants are infused with flava! It's total DELICIOUSNESS and so low in calories!!! Each mini eggplant (about 75g) is only 20+ cal!
WARNING: Garlic breath is inevitable.
Variation 1: Do the same thing with any asian vegetable!
Variation 2: Same thing with silken tofu, but does not marry too well with ginger/garlic combo.

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