Sunday, June 29, 2008

:: if you snatch, they will come ::

yes, the blisters are here. After 80+ snatches today, those darn things appeared. Joe was right, I may need gloves. But I really want to tough it out because I like the tactile feedback I get from direct contact with Belle. I may have to remove my wedding band though, it's pretty banged up because of all the friction with Belle.

I'm still gonna work those snatches - it's been the only thing that's gotten my heart rate >180 so far. You know the feeling you get when you hit a real good return in tennis? I get that feeling everytime I nail a snatch and it feels _awesome_. Woohoo! :)

Here's a pic of what the finish position of the snatch looks like. I felt like a model today in the gym- my husband came into the exercise room and started snapping pictures! At one point, he actually distracted me during a rep. But I didn't chase that rep. Like Joe said, never chase a bad rep. When I'm doing a transfer, I am reminded of the guys on the trapeze. It's all about physics really.


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Snatches are always so much fun! I am working on a goal of 30R/30L with the 16 kg right now. Make sure you take care of those blisters and callouses that pop up because if they tear .... you have to take time off from training :( Believe it or not the PedEgg from the informercial works great!

Jo said...

Wow - good work! I think I can manage at most 15R/15L now, consecutively that is. You rock!!!

How do i take care of those blisters?? Any other tips??

Joe Sarti said...

WOW, you are turning into a machine and I must teach you the care tricks for callouses and tears. :-) keep it up

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Hi ... I think losing the ring (just during workouts) might help. I am sure Joe has lots of ideas. I had to let my first blisters heal a bit before I could snatch again. I use a combination of the PedEgg and Cornhusker's lotion to keep my hands safe.

Jo said...

thanks for the tips, TOSP!

Joe, yes please, send me those tricks!!! I was youtubing some videos and now i want to learn the windmill! :)