Friday, July 4, 2008

:: Day 19-21 - Tahoe ::

I'll be in Tahoe this weekend and will be hiking Mt Tallac . In my opinion, one of the BEST hikes in northern california. I hope to burn thousands of calories but yes, I'll continue to monitor my diet (except for the carbo loading meal tonight)! It'd also be nice to get a kb workout while i'm in the woods, by the lake etc. We'll see if DW lets me take belle on the trip. I'd be happy to pay more for gas for her passage.

See you guys on Day 22 - Week 3 weigh-in. :)


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Oh have an excellent time ... on your get away spa exercise weekend ... lol. I bet it is a good weigh in on Monday! Which DVD did you get?

Jo said...

Thanks TOSP! I'm back and refreshed! I got the "Tough love from russia" DVD. To be honest, it was really cheesy but I did learn alot of new "drills".