Thursday, July 3, 2008

:: Day 18 - Summary ::

- 6am: 53 mins kb, 588 cal, HRa 156 HRm 177
1. 30s 16 lb swing, 26 lb swing, 30s rest {20 mins}
2. 30s 16 lb RH swin, 30s 16 lb LH swing, 30s rest {20 mins}
3. Snatches 10R/10L, 12R/12L, 15R/15L, 12R/12L, 10R/10L {13 mins}
I read tosp's blog, a fellow kb-er, about how she did snatches until she felt her arm was going to fall off. I've never felt that before, so I clearly have not worked hard enough and that was my goal today. I succeeded... my arms and hands are still kinda shaking 30 minutes after my workout. I worked hard!!!


a bite of banana

Breakfast: 300 cal

2 egg whites, soft boiled 120 cal
2 flaxseed toasts 100 cal
1/2 cup smoothie 80 cal

Mid-morning snack: 110 cal
1 banana 110 cal

Lunch: 370 cal

5 oz wild atlantic salmon dry cooked 256 cal
150g mashed carrots, salted 57 cal
1/2 apricot 29 cal

Snack: 120 cal
1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Dinner: BBQ at MIL's. Uh oh. I've requested her special eggplant recipe to keep me full and keep me away from the delicious steak she's preparing.

I'm not sure how many calories i assumed but i'm guessing it's in the 600 range. Tmrw, I plan to kick ass at another kb workout.

Total caloric intake: 880 cal + dinner


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Congratulations on making your arms shake! These kbs are addictive aren't they? :)

Jo said...

indeed!!! I got a pavel DVD and i'm going to try some new moves today!