Tuesday, July 1, 2008

:: Day 16 - Summary ::

Workout @ 6am (523 cal burnt)
- 25 mins run, 2 miles, 307 cal burnt, HRa 164 HRm 176
(I shaved off a minute from my last 2 mile run!!! yay!!!)
- 20 mins quickie kb, 216 cal burnt, HRa 160, HRm 174
miscellaneous swings, snatches 10R/10L, 15R/15L, 15R/15L, 10R/10L, misc swings

Pre-workout: 1/2 cup smoothie 80 cal

Breakfast: 280 cal
2 egg white soft boiled, yolks removed 120
2 flaxseed toasts 100
1 tsp bovril 10
1/4 cup soy milk 25
12 grapes 25

Mid-morning snack: 30 cal

15 grapes 30 cal

Lunch: 250 cal

4 oz turkey tenderloin, grilled 118 cal
chinese vegetables 50 cal
Chocolate pudding 90 cal

Apparently, the size of our stomachs are the size of our fists. Judging from this photo, the size of my lunch is bigger than my fist! But at least most of it are veges. :)

Afternoon snack: 120 cal
1 kashi granola bar

==CHALLENGE!== We're eating out with some friends at my favorite chinese restaurant. Discipline and restraint must be exercised. [update] I'm proud of myself in that i only ate 1 round tablespoon of rice. But, I did OD on tofu stew and fish. I think I _might_ have kept it under 800. More bells tonight?

Total caloric intake: 760 cal + dinner


christine said...

Question: how do you manage to get up in the AM? I always try to wake up to work out, but I only make it < 1/2 the time.

Also, have you seen a doctor? You're young and healthy and all that, but it might not be a bad to have some medical supervision in the next few weeks!

Go J, you're doing great. I understand your frustration at not seeing even more than your already amazing progress, but pace yourself, you wouldn't want to get injured. Keep up the great work!

Jo said...

Chris!!! You're alive!!!

I sleep around 1030pm so no problems getting up at 5ish :)

And yes I have a doctor appointment coming up in a couple of weeks for some blood work and regular check up. Just to make sure everything is A-OK!

Thanks dear and we need to catch up soonn!