Tuesday, July 22, 2008

:: Day 37 - Summary (Day 1 on WD) ::

Activities: 266 cal burnt, HRa 164, HRm 173
7am run: I don't run these weekly 2mile runs because I like it... I do it because it gives me an idea of where my fitness is. I ran a strong 22:40 for the 2.22 miles. Not only did I shave 3 minutes off my last time, I ran an extra 0.22 miles in that time -- woohoo! I'm SOOO proud of myself teeheehee

Breakfast: (Day 1 on the WD)
Vege and fruit smoothie consisting of: 2 carrots, 1 fuji apple, 3 pieces of broccoli, some ginger, 2 strawberries, crushed ice, swig of skim milk, 1 tsp protein whey. Honestly though, it doesnt taste as bad as it looks but it was sooo filling! I even convinced the husband to have 1/2 a cup :) Can you say detox? Crazy!!!

Undereating phases:
I prepared some live veges and fruits for me and Aylin to munch on and also some nuts for emergencies.
Carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, almonds (raw), cashews (raw)

Overeating phase: === at Derek's ===
strawberry salad with D's 0-calorie dressing

bruce's famous sauce with homemade pasta (there was no way to eat this by first separating out the protein!)
bruce's pizza
Pumpkin Cheesecake, warrior diet recipe


Derek said...

oh...those blueberries and strawberries look good. Yum!...

great job on the run...you're getting fast!!

Jo said...

dude, the berries are soooo yummy and cheap at milk pail now!
i believe the blueberries were only 1.99 per box!

Derek said...

wow! i guess i need to go. i haven't had my share of blueberries this season because they have been so expensive at the FM. i love blueberries! :)

Anonymous said...

How's the juice taste like?? My MIL has this 5 GREENS juice receipe. Is a combination of green apple, celery, cucumber, green caspicum & bittergourd. I haen't try it before.

Jo said...

it tasted pretty good actually! I think the apple really helped smoothe things out... i dont think i could do your MIL's recipe cos i hate celery and bittergourd :P

any other recipes?