Monday, July 21, 2008

:: taking it to the next level - the warrior diet ::

After hearing about Susan's endorsement of the Warrior Diet , I decided to order the book and after reading it, both me and my coworker, Aylin, have decided to embark on the warrior diet journey. Frankly, I am tired of being anti-social and couting my calories. This is a refreshing change.

My favorite quote so far "Once you begin to practice the Warrior Diet, you'll find that your metabolism gradually picks up to the point that when everybody else gains weight during the holidays, with its big meals, you won't since you have been dining this way every day. What people call overeating during the holidays is actually an average meal for a warrior."


Adam & Susan said...

congrats on your latest decision, jo! ;) can't wait to hear how your first couple weeks go! i made that rhyme especially for you.

Jo said...

thanks susan for the encouragement! After grocery shopping, it hit me what a huge decision this is!!!