Monday, July 21, 2008

:: the harsh reality of the warrior diet ::

I went grocery shopping for the warrior diet today - and i had a minor panic attack. Am I really going to be able to pull this off? Eating so much raw veges and fruit? I'm not sure my tastebuds are going to like it but I owe it to myself to try - to become the healthiest and leanest I can become. My mum cannot be more thrilled right now - she's been bugging me to consume "8 servings of veges and fruits" per day. Your wish has come true, ma!

What I bought for morning beverages:
- ginger
- carrots
- fuji apples
- granny smith apple
- bartlet pear

undereating phase:

- english cucumber
- blueberries
- strawberries
- raspberries
- almonds, raw
- cashews, raw
- snap peas
- string cheese, organic and lite
- lemon
- green tea yogurt
- soy protein powder

Overeating phase:
- onions
- green onions
- spring salad mix
- spinach
- broccoli
- corn
- limes
- quinoa
- black beans


Adam & Susan said...

jo...great shopping list! proud of you for buying all those things that you don't normally...YOU CAN DO THIS! just take one day at a time. look how quickly you incorporated the 12kg into your KB workouts...910 swings yesterday? NICE! remember how recently it was that you thought the 12kg was intimidating? no sweat (ha)'re going to get this one too.

Jo said...

I think this raw vege thing is a bigger challenge than isabelle (26lb) :)

Btw, my husband, Mikee, doesnt think this diet is sustainable for life because he wants to be able to eat "normal food" for every meal. It's not a very socially realistic kind of diet right? Because it basically means you have to eat at home and prepare all your meals!

But anyways, we've decided that I'll commit to it for the rest of the competition and see how it goes.

Derek said...

cheering wildly from a few blocks away! :) i am not sure it is sustainable either BUT, i think getting into the groove with almost all of your meals at home is a good thing regardless of whether it is centered on raw veggies or not. good for health and pocketbook :)

Jo said...

thats definitely true! at least i'll be able to eat normally at our dinner thingy tonight, d!

Adam & Susan said...

jo, if you look at what is allowed during the undereating phase, it is definitely "sustainable". if we go out to eat (lunch) with friends, i will order a salad... BTW, ori talks about how you can go off the WD...(but you won't want to after you experience the benefits), so don't think that you have to do this every single day if you absolutely cannot. i mentioned before how i can't imagine eating 3 meals a day and feeling as great as i do on the the end of this competition, mikee might end up changing his mind about what "eating normal" is! As an interesting example, this weekend, adam and i were at a continuing education course in atlanta. he had a hamburger with fries for lunch...and proceeded to feel lethargic and bloated for the rest of the day. we don't realize how bad we feel until we have something to compare it to! i'm glad you're giving yourself the opportunity to see how great you can (look and) feel!

Jo said...

hey susan,

thanks for your thoughts - its been very encouraging :) I'll admit that i didnt like my lunch todya at all - raw carrots are so gross. But i feel OK doing it, I suppose.. cant wait for dinner tonight!!!

I've fwded your comments to Mikee so he can hear from an expert!