Wednesday, July 23, 2008

:: Week 5 weigh- in ::

UPDATE: Overall & Weekly Leaders:
1st: JoJo
2nd: X
3rd: Y
Honorable mention: Z
Victory dance! i'm in the lead! i'm in the lead!

Weighed-in at 184 lbs, down 4 from last week! woohoo! I expect to have just as strong a week coming up since I've started on the Warrior Diet! The tape measure, however, hasnt been showing much improvement in the last couple of weeks - which hopefully will change with the WD :)

The pictures werent taken at the same distance but you'll notice the 1> slimmer waist with definition 2> sharper shoulders 3> slimmer hips/thighs


Derek said...

great job! keep it going!

nky said...

Good job JB! I found a gym in S'pore which has kettlebells. Is your mom still interested?

Jo said...

yes she is v interested!!! She is actually coming next week for a visit and i intend to set her up with 1 coaching session on kettlebells!

can you find out the name of the instructors? I just want to make sure they are properly certified in russian kettlebell.

Hazel said...

it's amazing that you are in the lead for both categories! way to go!

Jo said...

thanks hazy!!! I did hear that its an extremely tight race though. But i'm hoping the WD will leave them in the dust!

Jo said...

oh and looking forward to see u tmrw!!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Hey Lady ... CONGRATULATIONS! Must feel nice to have the hard work pay off.

Adam & Susan said...

we're cheering for you from across the country!! :)

Jo said...

Thanks TOSPy and Susan! YOu guys all played a part in my success! :)