Wednesday, August 6, 2008

:: Blood test results ::

Got a call from my doctor! Everything looks great and my cholesterol level has dropped from 198 to 138!! Woohoo!!! Ok, it's not that big of a surprise since the WD has me eating so cleanly. But still, good to know that it all checks out!
(LDL: 82, HDL: 48, Triglyceride 38)

*The only concern is the HDL level which is still a little low at 48 and she said, "a little bit more exercise would help". Er, if she only knew how much I currently exercise already!! Oh well, heading in the right direction!


mikee said...

wow. 60 points down? who says you can't reduce cholesterol without drugs?

Derek said...

awesome!! your HDL will build over time...try it after another 6 months of your current regime...i'm sure it will go up. (ie, i think you can drop LDL fast, but it takes time to get HDL up so be patient with yourself)

Jo said...

thanks guys :)

the HDL has increased from 45 to 48 though so u're right, it might take awhile. Within a few months, it should be right back at normal ranges. i hope.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is sheer determination!