Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: it's a sign!!! ::

So... some exciting news. It's our 1-year anniversary coming up this weekend. :) Time really does fly and so much has changed in the past year! We'll be in LA attending a wedding so we thought we would make a vacation out of it as well. At the very last minute, we decided to let Priceline decide our fate in terms of accommodation. Of all the possible hotels we could've ended up with, we landed The Renaissance ClubSport Hotel!

Could this be more perfect? 90 cardiovascular machines, 60 fitness classes a week, aquatic facilities ... oh AND a smoothie bar for fresh juices? Perfect match with my lifestyle - and at bargain prices too! Thank God!! It's going to be a very romantic and sporty weekend!


Derek said...

yeehaw! that is awesome! happy (slightly early) anniversary!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

Laurie said...

only 3 more days until our anniversaries! congrats to you guys! club sport is nice. i was a member when i was up north. enjoy!

Jo said...

Happi Anniversary, Laurie & Wayne!!! Your anniversary trip looked amazing!!

ClubSport is truly nice - glad we got to experience it :)