Saturday, August 9, 2008

:: Day 55- Summary ::

Reflections on SoCal gym culture:
It's hollywood here. It's glam here. The classes feel like ... partying? The moves all seem to look like something you would see in a club. I so did not fit in!! Maybe that's why I love kettlebells - its easy to look 'cool' in it when you dont really know how to shake that booty. That being said, every single one of them looked RIPPED man. I even got to meet's July 2008 success story winner who lost 85 lbs! I'm so proud of her!!! I'm glad we ended up at this gym though, it's so easy to stay fit and we worked it out hard at 3 classes this morning. Mikee loved the spinning class which I'm gonna try tmrw.

Fancies gym machines ever!!!

Activities: 1579 cal
8am: Turbo Kickboxing class at ClubSport, 52 mins, 531 cal, HRa 152 HRm 174
9am: R.I.P.P.E.D. class, 44 mins, 396 cal, HRa 140, HRm 165
945am: Abs Express, 15 mins, 100 cal
8pm: 4.0 mi treadmill run, 50 mins, 531 cal, HRa 153 HRm 163

12pm: Mother's Market Acai Energy smoothie!!!

Kale Lemon salad from Wholefoods

6pm: Main meal at Honda-Ya

10pm: Pinkberry!!! It was good, but kinda overpriced. Still prefer Frozo's for price/performance ratio.


Adam & Susan said...

great job with your food choices while away from home, jo! and what a day of workouts! FOUR?! and ending with a 4 mile run? you kick butt, girl!
happy anniversary tomorrow!

Jo said...

It was easy to stay on the warrior diet because Mother's Market was like everywhere ... so easy to get those yummy juices! :)

We had to make full use of the fu-fu gym you know, its seriously the best I've seen. :)
And thanks - it's been a year! woohoo!