Sunday, August 3, 2008

:: Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-500 ::

The Omron HBF-500 is currently on loan from my mum. I'm so impressed with Japanese technology. THis monitor measures: visceral fat, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle mass levels, body fat percentage and weight. It uses full body-sensing technology so that the numbers are more accurate since it reflects your body better. If anyone would like to get your measurements, please feel free to drop by and use it!
Oh and it's on sale and shipping free from Amazon. Get your Omron HBF-500 now!!!

As with full accountability, here are my numbers...
Weight: 179 lbs
Body-Fat %: 32.9
Muscle skeleton %: 26.9%
Bone density (out of 6): 3
BMR: 1613
BMI: 28.6
Visceral Fat: 8 (>9 is bad)
Physique age: 47 (47???? WHAT THE HECK!!! This number is going DOWN!)

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