Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: Day 53 - Summary ::

Reflections: With 11 days left in the competition and virtually no weight loss in the past 5 days I am totally bummed. Ilude is that it's been an "off" week. :( Maybe it's wat like Iris said, I'd wake up one day and just magically lose 3 lbs. The possibility of meeting my own personal goal on Aug 18th seems more and more far-fetched as well.

HOC (60 swings, 15 snatches(R/L), 15 squats (R/L), 10 burpees per cycle), 35 mins, 300 cal burnt

I returned from the HOC feeling extremely light-headed and nauseated. Not a good sign - the husband force-fed me some random food and I felt much better. Looks like I'm off the WD today.
1/4 bowl of oat meals, Toast with egg and turkey bacon

10am: ABC Juice with Aylin

xpm: Curry Yogurt Coleslaw

Main Meal @ SUSHI TOMI with Aylin


Derek said...

hang in there. don't be a slave to the numbers (we all are, i know...). you are doing things right for your body. day to day, there will be no signs, and maybe even minor setbacks. but keep your eyes on the real prize: a lifetime of good health to enjoy with your hubbie, friends and family. just keep doing things right and leave the rest in God's hands...

Adam & Susan said...

11 days is a long time. you have enough time. stay the course. you and i know that what you are doing is worthwhile, though challenging. i know you're a tough gal--you use KBs!! you're on the warrior diet!!--and tough gals don't quit! keep the faith!

Jo said...

thanks guys - man, i _really_ want to win i guess, thats why the short term disappointment is hard to deal with.

Either way, I'm a winner. And who knows?? I may actually win! :P

Anonymous said...

It's not all about losing the LBs surely? I'd have thought with the amount of muscle mass you're gaining you should be putting on despite losing fat. I mean, check out the definition on your abs!