Tuesday, July 15, 2008

:: Day 30 - Summary ::

Workout: Forgot the HRM.
6am: Slow & Easy 40 min kb workout: I've noticed that my swinging has become somewhat sloppy. Today I focused on syncing and linking and really making each rep count by cracking the darn walnut between my buttcheeks. Graphic, but the best analogy to use.
8pm: 30 mins interval training with elliptical trainer (level 10), 1 min sprint, 2 min norma, 337 cal burnt, HRa 151 HRm 170

Breakfast: 241 cal
2 softboiled eggwhites, 50 cal
1 angelcot 56 cal
1 fig (35g) 30 cal
1 kashi waffle 85 cal
2 tsp (23g) greek yogurt 30 cal

Morning snack: 60 cal
2 figs 60 cal

Lunch: 270 cal
Boiled veges
Salmon patty
tofu casserole

Afternoon snack: 112 cal

2 angelcots 112 cal

Dinner: 370 cal

I'm like the Rachel Ray of chinese cooking. 4 dishes in 30 minutes!
1.5 oz wild salmon, pan fried, 90 cal
4.0 oz sweet potatoes with chicken 200 cal
steamed broccoli 50 cal
Boiled chinese veges 30 cal

Post-workout treat: 60 cal

3/4 of a Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Vanilla Orange Bars 60 cal
SO DELICIOUS and yet low in calories! It's non-diary but totally satisfied by sweets craving. Sigh.... happy.

Total calorie intake: 1113 cal

Curious how I know the exact calories of what I'm eating (not all the time though). Weighing scale!

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