Saturday, July 19, 2008

:: Day 34 - Summary (in Boston) ::

Activities: 660 cal burnt
60 mins elliptical trainer on resistance level 10
1 min: crossramp 10, slow & easy
2 mins: crossramp 10, sprint
1 min: crossramp 1, slow & easy
2 mins: crossramp 1, sprint

I find that I can't just do an hour straight of cardio, the seconds just seem to crawl by. The way I get around it is by doing some form of interval training. My goals are more manageable when they are broken down into X minutes made of Y milestones instead of 1 single milestone of 60 minutes! Not to mention, you burn mucho calories that way too :) As a rule of thumb, if i'm not sweatin' buckets, i ain't workin'! The HRM also helps keep me honest.

Pre-workout& post-workout: 120 cal

1 kashi bar 120 cal

Breakfast: 72 cal

1 apple 72 cal

Lunch: 490 cal
1 turkey breast subway 6" + honey mustard dressing 340 cal
1 oz cape code potato chips 150 cal

Dinner: === CHEAT MEAL ===

12-course chinese dinner, sigh, what can i say. At least we had an awesome time at the wedding! Tmrw, I'm going to kill myself at the gym; 1000 calories.

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Iris said...

Look at you, Jojo! You look proud of your body! I'm so happy for you. And so proud. :)