Sunday, July 13, 2008

:: Day 28 - Summary ::

Activities: 1003 cal burnt
11am: 36 min jog/sprint interval training with Mikee, 393 cal burnt, HRa 153 HRm 173
3pm: 63 min kb, 609 cal burnt, HRa 144 HRm 167
Kettlebell mambo mix... i seriously cannot remember exactly what i did but there were alot of one-handed swings and snatches today.

early morning snack: 80 cal
PBJ mini 80 cal

Breakfast:265 cal

2 slices of flaxseed 100 cal
2 egg whites + 1 egg yolk 120 cal
1 tsp bovril 10 cal
1/3 cup soy 35 cal

Pre-run: 1 bite of banana 15 cal

Lunch: 450 cal

MIL's Tofu prepared with Duck Egg + Preserved vegetables 250 cal
(This happens to be one of the most delicious and healthiest chinese dishes ever! I'll be posting a follow-up post for the recipe. How blessed I am to have family that will help watch out for my diet!)
2.5 boiled dumplings 80 cal
bite of flank steak with tomatoes 30 cal
1 red bean Popsicle 90 cal

Dinner @ Harvest: 670 cal

2/3 Shrimp mango salad, vinaigrette dressing 120 cal
2 small pieces of bread 150 cal
a bite of mikee's chicken sandwich 30 cal
1/2 cup of minestrone soup 40 cal
and 1/3 of the most amazing hot chocolate bread pudding _ever_...+ ice cream. 300 cal

Ok, no more sweets for me this week. I'm disgusted at myself, 3 straight days of dessert.

Total calorie intake: 1445 cal


hel13chen said...

Jo! We are rooting for you here in are doing great, baby steps and all. Have a fantastic time in Boston this weekend. :)

Jo said...

Thanks Helen!!! Please send everyone our love - we miss the girls so much! :) John will be happy to know that Mike has full intention of fixing his bike "one of these days".