Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:: Mid-Point Results ::

1st place: X has lost 7.25%
2nd place: Y has lost 7.06%
3rd place: Z has lost 6.10%
Honorable mention: Jo has lost 6.00%

This week:

1st place: Jo
2nd place: X
3rd place: P
Honorable mention: Q

I guess I am still in the game!!! woohoo! I'm thinking that if I had 5 weeks like the rest of the contestants I may have been up there! Oh well, just means I have to continue to work extra hard to make up for that week. I think i might actually have a shot since my calorie-burning kettlebell muscles have started to work overtime. I'm going to crush this!!!


mikee said...

although weight loss likely isn't linear, averaging out your loss over 4 wks equates to 1.5%/wk. So if you had a full 5 weeks, you'd be at 7.5%, the #1 position! keep it going and let's see if it can accelerate!

Derek said...

keep it going! and again, winning doesn't have to be about the $$$. you are already winning, so keep your eyes on the prize: good health!

Anonymous said...

go jo!!!

Iris said...

Mikee is a math dork. :P