Tuesday, July 15, 2008

:: of milestones ::

[victory dress milestone]: It's very unlikely that I will be able to squeeze into it before cousin debbie's wedding this saturday. The part where I am experiencing problems is the bust area and I doubt I can lose an inch in 4 days!!

That being said, I have other dresses I can now fit into! And like Susan and Mikee said, it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". Still a few more weddings to go!

[size M milestone]:
I've been consistently size L or XL but started to notice that I could fit into size M stuff. I went to Target after work yesterday for more data points. Tried on 5 different size M tops from different brands and they all fit!!! I am officially size M on the top! Still have to continue working on my lower body though which has proven more stubborn...

[bootcamp milestones]: As part of Hao's bootcamps, we have to do evaluations before and after each 4-week session. This gives us a very good idea of how far we've come. In my case, I really wanted to push myself as much as possible when doing the plank - and guess what, I topped out at 3 mins and I could've gone even more! teehee

[unofficial milestones]: There are those milestones that you plan for (victory dress) and there those milestones that you notice, only when they come. This morning I realized I can touch the ground... with my palms FLAT! Ohmigosh, it's been decades since I was last able to do this. The last time I did that I would've been about 3-4 years old I think. All through elementary school and up to college I've always been struggling with flexibility. Who knew after 4 weeks of bootcamp and kettlebelling, I would be able to do it at the grand age of 29! woohoo! (I know i'm modest, but do we see some definition on the delts? hehe)

[diet milestones]: Eating within calorie ranges 99% of the time :) Is it time to push myself to the next level? I think I may try a raw food diet 1-2x a week, per Susan's recommendation and see what that does to my body. Might be a good time to detox as well.

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