Monday, July 14, 2008

:: the indentation! ::

Monday is weigh-in day, mugshot day and measurements day. The measurements don't show the needle moving significantly at all. But I'm starting to like the mugshots! The arms have tapered sharper right at the shoulders, the back and abs are definitely tighter and you can even see the 1" indentation on my obliques (With some photoshop help of course, look at the shadow)
p.s. although this is 30-minutes post workout, i am totally not flexing!


mikee said...

i do see a x-pack developing. WOW. abs of steel - here you come!!!

Adam & Susan said...

around here, we call that "definition"....get used to it girl! nice work! :)

Jo said...

yay :)

susan: i dont know where that definition came from! I dont even do that many windmills at all! Is it possible that Kb could be burning the area around the obliques even by just doing swings?