Thursday, July 17, 2008

:: TJ Soy Orange Bar - "Crunchy" edition ::

I had to have mine after hearing Iris talk about it over IM. But i decided I needed a little bit more calories today so i added some "crunch" to my soy bar. The thing about this particular bar is that its creamy and soft so you can easily add things to it. (Btw Iris has reported that there is a CHOCOLATE version of this, also 80 calories! YES!!!)

Step 1:
Assemble ingredients. For crunch, I used 1/5 cup Kashi's Go Lean cereal. I imagine you can use all sorts of cereal and/or nuts.

Step 2: Press all surfaces of soy bar against the crunchies on a flat plate. Use a flat surface like a measuring cup to help you. (If you are using large crunchies you might need to crunch it up first)

Step 3: Enjoy! As you eat it continue to press the edges into the crunchies to "pick up" the loose crunchies from the plate

Other notes:

- Crunchies will add on more calories! My crunchies were about 30-40 cal for 1/5 cup. But they were high in protein!
- This is a good way to get flaxseed into your diet! Grind up a tablespoon of flaxseed and sprinkle all over!
- If you find it hard to get the crunchies to stick on, give the bar a minute or two to get even softer
- Eat it over a sink or a plate if you want to be tidy, I had a few loose crunchies disengage from the bar


Derek said...

did golean crunch lose it's "clusters" form? when? i love GLC, but i found it took too long for my hurried morning cereal fix because it took a lot of chews to break it down in my haste! but i notice from your picture and from OS's recent box that its all in tiny bits that normal? when did that happen?

Jo said...

it was a brand new box i opened and they were small clusters. there was only one piece i had to sort of 'break up' so that it could latch on to the bar.

its pretty high in calories though! 180 cal per cup!

mikee said...

yum. Glad you could show some love to GLC which has been displaced by TJs raisin crunch.