Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:: the warrior diet? ::

So I've noticed endorsement for the warrior diet on various kettlebellers' sites including Tracy Reifkind, Susan and my coach, Joe Sarti. After reading up about it, my first impression was... Are you crazy??? Especially the part about the diet fallacies - I could not believe its claims. But the main idea is that you undereat during the day and overeat when it's dark. It's 12pm right now and i am STARVING for lunch.. will I be able to do this? I would like to give myself another challenge - another kick in the butt so that I can leave everyone else in the dust so therefore I am seriously considering it. (Especially since it's been endorsed by people i trust and respect)

People who know about the Warrior Diet (WD), what are your thoughts?


TOP 10 DIET FALLACIES (according to the WD)

1. BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day
2. EATING BEFORE EXERCISING will provide your muscles with instant energy
3. EATING LATE will make you fat
4. FAT makes you fat
5. CARBS are your enemy
6. COUNT YOUR CALORIE INTAKE to control your weight
7. It's ok to eat everything but in moderation
8. Low carb products will help you lose weight
9. To build muscles, you need to consume a fixed amount of protein/pound body weight
10. Your diet should consist of a certain fixed ratio of protein / fat / carbs

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