Friday, July 18, 2008

:: Day 33 - Summary (in Boston) ::

Activities: 623 cal
I finally arrived into Boston after the red-eye flight and am totally exhausted. The guy next to me had a _really_ bad cough which was really disturbing. But having been in his situation before many a times, I decided to show plenty of grace. Nevertheless, I am still praying hard that I won't fall sick even though I've started to cough a little bit. The upside was I had plenty of legroom in United's bulkhead row!

I'm going to hit the gym for a solid hour to battle this cough and hopefully come out of it a winner.
3pm: 60 mins cardio, 623 cal burnt, HRa 151, HRm 171
5 mins walk, incline 15.0, speed 2.5
4 mins jog, incline 3.0, speed 4.0
1 min sprint, incline 3.0, speed 5.0
(repeat for an hour)

Breakfast: 350 cal
3 angelcots 150 cal
1 kashi bar 120 cal
1 tbsp trailmix 80 cal

This was literally breakfast in bed! The other option was a $9.95 buffet which I passed on.

Lunch: 195 cal
Some boston-specific snacks (courtesy of the bride and groom) that I shouldn't be eating.
1/3 of a (delicious) cookie + 1 raisinette + a few chips
1/2 granola bar 45 cal

Afternoon snack @ North End: 205 cal
- 0.5 cafe vittoria's iced mocha, 125 cal
- 1.5 bites of cannolli from Mike's Bakery80 cal

Dinner with Sunjeev/Andrea at Fugakyu: 435 cal
I tried to keep dinner very light since i knew they were going to take us for dinner. Good call :)
- wakame salad 90 cal
- miso soup 85 cal
- spicy tuna salad 180 cal
- 2 pieces of mikee's rolls 80 cal

Dessert @ Finale: 250 cal
- "Whole 9 yards" mini dessert platter, shared. Approzimately 1 slice of cheese cake 250 calories

Total calorie intake: 1425 cal
Note to self: mostly eating not-so-healthy food


Adam & Susan said...

jo, nice job with prioritizing exercise while away from home! looks like an interesting workout with some serious calorie burn! enjoy the wedding...congrats to the bride and groom!

Jo said...

Eating well is going to be hard while traveling so I definitely need to pay attention to exercising! :)

Derek said...

i don't want to tempt you, but if yo go back to north end, modern pastry has better cannoli's than the famous Mike's Pastry (not that mike's is bad...just more expensive and not as glorious an outer shell. :) )