Thursday, July 17, 2008

:: Day 32 - Summary ::

Activities: 335 cal burnt
3pm: 33 mins kb, 26lb double-hand swings d/hill and u/hill ladder, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50 = 800 reps! {15 push-ups and 45s rest in between) 335 cal burnt, HRa 149 HRm 167
This was an awesome workout!!!! Felt soooo strong!!!

Early morning snack: 110 cal
Small handful of trailmix

I weigh myself every morning right after I get up and pee. I just weighed in at 184.8. I think I am losing weight dangerously fast. There are two things going on: I am eating very little and I am exercising alot. Is that bad? I swear I wanted to eat more for dinner last night but I was already full. Based on my research, it's not good to eat under 1,200 calories so today I will actually perk things up. Although with the weekend being spent in Boston for yet another wedding, I am sure the calorie count will be up there.

Breakfast: 320 cal
Oh how i craved a sausage mcmuffin with egg today. Not wanting to break the MacDonalds fast (it's been a month!!!), I decided I will attempt to make something at home that will satisfy me. I used flaxseed bread, turkey bacon, avocado and eggs. It was healthIER but not by alot. But it satisfied me.

Mid-morning snack: 110 cal
2 angelcots

Lunch: 370 cal
3 pieces boiled broccoli
2 oz sweet potatoes with chicken
4 oz shirtaki noodles with tofu and asparagus
1 Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Vanila Bar "crunchy edition" (See recipe) 120 cal

Afternoon snack: 110 cal
2 angelcots

Dinner: 406 cal
4 oz shirataki noodles with tofu and aspragus 150 cal
PBJ sandwich on flaxseed spread 200 cal
1 angelcot

Total calorie intake: 1420cal


christine said...

Your progress is truly amazing, but I'm glad you're also being realistic and realize that you could overdo things.

Have you tried Morningstar sausages? The sales guys at my office all love them.

Jo said...

no i havent!! But I just looked them up and next time I have a craving, I know what to try!

Thanks for the tips, Christine! Btw - HI! I'm not sure I know you so I just wanted to introduce myself!

mikee said...

I'll take your breakfast any day over the artery clog SME!
goo work

Jo said...

the difference is only 16% but i do have good fat from avocado :P

Iris said...

I can't believe you could crave mcdonald's! That place is so yucky to me. The only thing I want from there is their fries. No one does fries better.

Jo said...

if not for lack of nutritional value, i would be eating macdonalds every day! Love filet-o-fish, love nuggets and yes, nobody does the fries better!!!

Derek said...

other place with fries that are better (and transfat free!): Gordon Biersch fries at the ballpark; Main Street burgers in Los Gatos; Cafe Brioche in Palo Alto; Cesar's in Berkeley...

i see they have transfat free garlic fries in the freezer section at Trader Joe's...


Iris said...

Derek! I have those TJ garlic fries in my freezer right now. First time I've ever bought them. Mostly for the husband who adores garlic. I'll report back with the verdict in a few days.