Monday, July 7, 2008

:: 4884 calories to tallac and back ::

The hiking poles that saved my knees and gave me extra power on the up. I cant tell you how many people out there are using their poles incorrectly. I'm so glad we took that class in REI. I've never felt so much more power just from the use of the poles. Thanks Frank!!!

At this point, we're almost at the mt tallac peak. On the right, it's fallen leaf lake. On the left, it's lake tahoe!

We finally make it to the top of Mt Tallac, 9700+ ft. Go team! We burnt about 3018 calories on the way up!

Very interesting cloud formation we saw on the way - a sign of God perhaps!

me and my biggest cheerleader, my husband, Mikee. Look behind us, it's Lake Tahoe!

Almost back at the trailhead, we stop for a picture in the woods on the ridge. We burnt about 1800 calories on the way down. And because of the poles again, I was able to do some trail running.

All in all, what an awesome hike!!!

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