Monday, July 7, 2008

:: Week 3 weigh-in ::

This is supposed to be a "big" week for me according to Eric... NOT. I lost ONE POUND off the scale compared to last week's weigh-in. I am pissed. I burnt 4800 calories in tahoe - shouldnt that be more than a pound lost??? Anyways, i think this clearly means I will not be in the running for the biggest loser prize anymore. :(

In a bid to console my self, here are how the other measurements are looking:

1. I feel GREAT! And energized! The day after the big hike, my body miraculously healed itself and i was KBing 12 hours later.

2. Body feels tight and strong. The Mt Tallac hike was alot easier than what I remembered. I of course had the benefit of frank's hiking poles this time.

3. According to the tatama weighing scale with BFP measurement, i have dropped 4% in BFP. So perhaps I really am gaining alot muscle?

4. I can now do 20 snatches!

5. zipper is getting a little higher on the victory dress

6. I'm saving alot of money cooking my own meals and eating out less

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