Saturday, July 12, 2008

:: Day 27 - Summary ::

Workout: 26 mins, 281 cal burnt, HRa 148 HRm 168
I'm naming this workout "KBS" (Kicked by Susan). I woke up this morning with no intention of working out whatsoever since we are driving out of town for a wedding. But it was 5am so I really didnt have an excuse. And then I get a note from Susan gently telling me it's time to move on to the 12kg. Argh - she's right. I've been swinging the 8kg like nothing. So today is another milestone for me, I picked up my 12 kg, now officially named Annabelle, and swung for my life.
Double-hand swing workout, focusing on reps and 30s rest in between sets
50, 50, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 50, 50, 50 = 700 swings!!!!
Wow I outdid myself - I didn't think I was capable but kept going. At one point, the husband stood there pushing me on... 97....98...99...100!!!!
Thank you susan!!

Breakfast: 185 cal

2 soft boiled eggs, yolks removed 50
2 flaxseed toasts 100 cal
1 tsp ketchup 10 cal
1/3 cup soy milk 35 cal

Mid-morning snack: 120 cal
1 kashi granola bar 120 cal

Lunch: 275 cal

Tofu casserole 275 cal

Afternoon snack: ???

Roasted red peppers, Roasted zucchini, 1 strip of cheese, bunch of grapes, eggplant crostini

Dinner: 3rd night of eating out in a row! argh!!! Can I really count the calories? I give up.
2 slices of white bread, 3/4 ball of butter
Ruby Hill's Salad, vinegarette dressing
Duet entree seabass and stuffed flank steak
Charlotte & Mark's wedding cake from sweet passions bakery

You know what's more important than what you were served for dinner?... What you didn't eat!

I totally left the flank steak alone (before digging out the spinach filling) and barely touched the mashed potatoes.

I went all out for the cake but left the cream alone. TOugh, but I did it!

Total calorie intake: 580 cal + Afternoon snack + Dinner + Dessert

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Adam & Susan said...

WOW...very impressive!! great job! :) look out world, here comes jo!