Tuesday, July 8, 2008

:: MIL's Steamed Sweet Potatoes and Chicken recipe ::

I read that sweet potatoes are good for me - high in dietary fibre and just ranks high in all-round nutrition. I bought a bunch but couldnt figure out how to incorporate it into a healthy dish. I e-mailed my MIL (mother-in-law), who btw is an excellent cook, for some suggestions. She then relayed the following recipe to by husband who in turn was able to translate the instructions into a wonderful dish! I loved it!!! It's going to be a staple in our home!

Get 6 small sweet potatoes (white inside), washed, skinned and sliced. Steam for 15 minutes.

Slice 10 oz of chicken breast. Season with: chopped green onion, chopped garlic, sliced ginger, soy sauce, salt, sugar, sesame oil. Coat lightly with dust of corn starch and stir fry until just cooked.

Pour the chicken mixture into the steamed sweet potatoes mixture and toss lightly. Continue to steam for another 5 minutes and then serve with white rice or in our case, we used quinoa.



italianlasagna said...

So is this consider a sweet or savoury dish? I like sweet potato too. Normally you put it in the rice cooker to steam together with the rice or cook (dice small pieces) together with the porridge?

Jo said...

a little bit of both which is what i like! :) BUt the savory of the chicken covers the sweet potato more i think. :)

yeah you can - but i dont eat rice! haha