Friday, July 11, 2008

:: Day 26 - Summary ::

Today is a big day for me - it was the final day of the 4-week bootcamp which means we get to do a set of standardized drills to see how much we've improved. I dont have the image with me yet but it looks like i'm sporting a fitness improvement of 50-300% on varying activities! Wow! And last I checked the scale, there was significant improvement this week!!!

Activities: 676 cal
46 mins bootcamp 382 cal burnt, HRa 137 HRm 175
26 mins kb power mix: 294 cal, HRa 150 HRm 171
30 double swings, 10R single, 10L single, 10R snatch, 10R snatch, 10R pulls, 10L pulls, 30 seconds rest. {repeat}
My company gym is a GREAT place to work out! Mirrors, a/c, stereo options and best part, i can go during lunch!

Breakfast: 205 cal
2 slices flaxseed bread 100 cal
2 soft boiled egg whites, 40 cal
1 tsp ketchup 10 cal
1/2 cup soy milk 55 cal

Mid-morning snack:

2 angelcots 110 cal (My last angelcots!!! :( )

Lunch: 350 cal

Tofu Casserole 250 cal
Shirataki noodles stew 100 cal

Afternoon snack: 120 cal
1 kashi bar 120 cal

Dinner: == CHALLENGE == Ibby's birthday dinner at Flea St Cafe

Things started looking good!
1 single crab and trout cake

And I was good, ordered a super healthy 1/2 size cobb salad that was very lightly dressed.

Oh and the killer.... apple brioche bread pudding. This was when I decided, forget it - I'm not counting no more. Can i say... YUM??!?!

Total calorie intake: 785 cal + Dinner


Adam & Susan said...

nice job on the bootcamp results! you know, based on your KB workout today, you could probably increase your caloric burn (and get stronger) by going up in KB weight. at least, do swings with the 12kg KB...shoot for reps...who knows, you may leave everyone else in the dust! what do you think?

Jo said...

Good advice Susan. I've really been a coward about the 12kg but I think you're right, it's time. The 8kg has become a walk in the park right now. :P
Thanks for keeping me accountable. I'm only cheating myself!!!

Jo said...

Oh and 1 more thought... will i bulk up alot if i move up to the 12kg?

Adam & Susan said..., hi...remember, we're talking about kettlebells...if you say "bulky" and really mean to say "lean and muscular," then yes. ;) it just looks like the 8kg is too easy for you and you could get more bang for your buck with a little heavier KB. don't be afraid of moving up (you can always go back to the 8kg (for swings, that is)...but you won't want to!)...start slowly, use the 12kg in a few swings and go from there. i think you'll really enjoy it, and you'll see some good changes.
PS. if you can't get your hands on a 12kg right away, you may want to consider increasing your work interval with the 8kg. ie. more swings and more snatches, etc. each cycle.

Jo said...

hey susan, i do have 12 kg. But they've mostly been sitting in the corner because they're intimidating. I'm going to pick them up right now and start swinging. lean and muscular! oh yeah!

btw any tips on traveling with the kb? I have 3 out of town weddings coming out and i'm worried the TSA might think i'm carrying a bomb on the plane... :P

Adam & Susan said...

jo, we haven't flown with our KBs, but whenever we take road trips, they always come along, laying on their sides, tucked behind the back seats like good little kiddies. ;) when we fly, we take a jumprope, the TRX suspension trainer (it goes over the door and you can use it for bodyweight exercises like rows and abdominal training) and lots of good intentions to work on stretching since we don't do that enough at home! We have talked about looking up an RKC where we are going and seeing if we could use their KBs (but we haven't ever had enough downtime at our location to do this, though it would be really fun, IMO). Since I'm already rambling, let me also say that I have, on rare occasions, used my luggage for lifts. When I do that, my husband says I'm crazy, but we already knew that! Are there good places to sightsee where you're going?

Jo said...

argh i hate jump roping. Really really suck at it - i guess it's time to go at it huh? And you reminded me that i do have one of those tension cord thingies. I think it'll be too cumbersome traveling with the kb on the plane even though i really want to.
and no, i dont think we'll be sightseeing much at all. (FLy in friday, leave sunday)

Adam & Susan said...

maybe you can use this time to do circuits of bodyweight exercises interspersed with active recovery (jogging)...burpees, jumping jacks, pushups, squats, mtn climbers...the sky's the limit! :)

Jo said...

thanks susan!!! I need to widen my horizon... that KB is not my only tool, albeit a very good one. thanks for the motivation thus far!

Adam & Susan said...

jo, i forgot to mention that at the certification, they talked about people who bought KBs and took them onboard...and they apparently had no trouble. however, we were advised to check with the airline as there might be onboard weight limitations.
sounds like your trip is going to be short...and busy! would you have time/energy to KB?