Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:: Day 44 - Summary ::

Activities: 900 cal
I think the double workouts are essential to quick weight loss - which is my goal for the next 3 weeks. I can literally see the scale move each day whenever I do a double workout!
6am: 20 mins good ol' swings w/26lb, 199 cal burnt, HEa 150, HRm 162
90s swings, 30s rest, 10 sets
60x10= 600 swings
630am: 2.2 mile short run, 23:11, 264 cal burnt. HRa 162 HRm 172
6pm: 44 mins Swing volume workout (1000 swings!!!!) + TGU + Windmills, 16lb, 427 cal burnt, HRa 147, HRm 164

7am: vege and fruit blend to share with Aylin

1.5 celery stick, 2 medium carrots, 2 apples, broccoli, bunch of parsley, 4 strawberries, ginger, swig of kefir, ice, water

x pm: share with aylin
1 cup of kefir, 1 red pepper, carrot sticks, french cantaloupe

Main meal: Leftovers from 2 nights ago

Spring salad, 1 chicken tender, boiled veges, eggplant & tofu, quinoa

p.s. Even though I no longer eat ice-cream at home anymore, I've found quite a number of uses for the ice cream scoop. I love to use it to hold my softboiled eggs as I de-shell them. And most recently, I found out it's great for scooping out the seeds of a cantaloupe!


mikee said...

i thot i'd miss ice cream more but i don't! :)

Jo said...

i think i do sometimes but trader joe helps me in that department. Btw i found another use for the ice cream scoop!!!! Avocados!!! its awesome!!!