Sunday, July 27, 2008

:: mini-me vs. inner-me ::

Mini-me. I was looking through some college photos yesterday and I started to feel a little nostalgic... especially of how slim I used to be. I mean I wasn't a supermodel by any means but i was a comfortable size 8-10 and I looked good. I want to look like that again. I want to be mini-me again. While mini-me looked great, there are some things you should know about her:
1. Mini-me couldn't run a mile
2. Mini-me was always lethargic
3. Mini-me ate crap all day long - instant noodles (with the MSG packet) was a staple

Inner-me. Here's a pic of me yesterday, after scrubbing the kitchen floor. I am nowhere close to mini-me in terms of size and I'm not thrilled about how I look at this point. But there's alot to like about inner me...
- Inner-me can hike Mt Tallac, Mission Peak and not feel a single ache in her muscles after
- Inner-me can snatch a 26 lb kettlebell
- Inner-me can run a strong 4 miles
- Inner-me can hold a plank for 3 minutes
- Inner-me feels awesome, all day long
- Inner-me hasn't had chocolate, sausage mc muffin w/eggs or instant noodles in 6 weeks.
- Inner-me feels great.

It doesn't help just to look great, one must feel great. In the battle of Mini-me vs. Inner me, I must come to realize that I'm not battling for the biggest loser contest - I'm battling for myself. To become the most beautiful inner me ever. Hopefully that comes with a freebie, mini me.


Mark Reifkind said...


you are doing great and kudos to you for putting up your pics and setting your sights on what you reallyw ant. you will absolutely get your list of the differences beween what you couldnt do while "mini" and what you can do now is very important.
the only way NOT to get what you want is to quit, and you won't do that.\great post.

Jo said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mark! I am definitely going to keep pushing myself :) Know that both Tracy and you have been huge sources of inspiration on this journey. :)

mikee said...

bobo: mini-me or now-me or anything-me - i love you just the same!

Jo said...

awwwwwww :P

Iris said...

So sweet, Mikee!!

I am SO proud of you, Jojo!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Jo - This is an awesome post. I have fights between my rational side and irrational side all the time. I need to write some of the good stuff down like you did! And how cool is it that Mark Reifkind commented on your blog!?!?!?! Do I sound to kb stalkerish? LOL!

Jo said...

TOSP: you're too cute! Yes, you should definitely remind yourself of all that you have accomplished :) and no, not too kb stalkerish for me! haha

Derek said...

awww...that is sweet to hear Mikee affirm you. :)

we're all cheering and proud of you.

Anonymous said...

26 lbs! 3 minute plank! WOW. Now that's my girl.

you're absolutely correct that the main purchase is the health and fitness benefit and size is the free gift on side.

Some really skinny girls are small but frail and fat on the inside.

You can so totally do this. You have to "buy present for me" with your winnings.

Jo said...

you crack me up ... "got present for me anot???"

Eh, I have to win first ok? And the competition is sooo stiff right now. Would be awesome if you came for the workshop together huh?

miss yoU! heard you girls had a blast at the most recent birthday/reunion!