Monday, July 28, 2008

:: warrior diet reflections ::

So... it's been the end of week 1 of the warrior diet. The bottom line... NO WEIGHT LOSS! Ok i can't blame it on the WD - it's been a sloppy workout week for me and I ate out FOUR TIMES for dinner. I definitely overate (significantly) and ate bad stuff as well. Well, it's time to sprint to the end in it? Here are some of my reflections...

1. Taste. My tastebuds arent liking raw too much yet but my body is loving it. The day I had a bowl of pho, i literally wanted to throw up after. After eating so cleanly, my body totally rejected MSG-city. Interesting isn't it? That being said, anticipation towards dinner each day is really awesome! But the vege fruit juice is totally yummy...I actually crave it now... both tastebuds and body!!! Who would've thought that would be the easiest way to get me to consume raw veges like carrots, celery, parsley etc.

2. Hunger. Hunger is totally manageable during the day. I think it _totally_ helps that Aylin and I work together and are both on the WD. We help keep each other honest although I think she has totally taken it to the next level. Overall, my appetite has definitely reduced during the day. And so has the grocery bill!!!

3. Energy. I dont really feel "super energetic" like how the otehr WDers describe it but I definitely dont feel lethargic despite being on a lower calorie count. Even yesterday with the super grueling hike, I was OK and pretty strong throughout. I think it proves that I dont really need that many calories in the day! Also, I sleep less hours these days. 430am and BING!! and I am wide awake. Like now. Argh.

4. Weekends. The weekend was surprisingly easy to manage... especially with the husband being uber supportive!

5. Sustainability. Can I sustain this for life? As long as I have a 9-to-5 job, I totally think this is doable. I really like the idea that body is detoxing during the day, on a daily basis and I'm giving it the best it should get!

6. Dinner portions. U know... intersting thing is even though I eat a larger dinner than before, it's only slightly larger. Aylin can testify to this phenomenon as well. Filling up on the raw salad is definitely helping! If i know that i wont find raw veges at a restaurant, I eat it at home first.

7. 1 meal a day. I'm kinda liking the concept! Especially since breakfast/lunch isnt exactly social and my body just doesnt need that much stuff.

8. Discipline. Warrior Diet requires discipline. We have people at work trying to get us to eat cake or pizza that would completely ruin what we are tryin to do. The way I get around it is to remind myself of how many snatches I have to do to offset the cost and also to tell myself, "I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THAT TASTES LIKE, THERE IS NO NEED TO TRY IT". That's why if you offer me a piece of chocolate made by the eskimos in the artic circle, I would more than likely accept. Just once.

9. Love. If you love your inner-you, there is no reason why you would not love what this can do for you. I love me - and because I do, i want to give my body the best.

10. Calorie-counting. I know I'm not supposed to count calories on the WD but I decided to count my calories for just one day to see how things stack up. Woah, way below what I was taking in! Just have to watch those almonds!

CONCLUSION: Week 2, here I come!

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Take One Stripper Pole said...

I am taking copious notes! :) Love hearing all about it!