Friday, August 1, 2008

:: Get your own FREE live-in trainer ::

Personal trainers are awesome... but you know who the best personal trainer is... YOURSELF. A personal trainer can only keep you honest for the time you spend with them which may be say, 3 hours a week. Unless of course, you're Mariah Carey who can afford a live-in trainer + chef.

Don't get me wrong - I think a personal trainer is critical in helping people learn the exercises safely, teach on how to increase intensity and educate one on how to create workouts, proper nutrition etc etc But when you leave that gym, it is all you. A good trainer will equip you to help yourself the 23 hours that you're not in the gym and become the best personal trainer you can become. I would like to share the system I've been successful with...

1. Accountability. I blog religiously because it keeps me honest, especially about what i'm eating, in front of all my friends, family and even blog-friends. I widely advertise my blogs to my friends so more people read it, and the less likely I am to chicken out.

2a. Personal coaching. I signed up for check-ins with my "coach", Joe Sarti, so he can tighten the bolts on my kettlebell technique and just chat with me on how I am doing overall, offer advice etc.

2b. Pro bono coaching. I didn't plan for this one but it somehow happened - I have "coaches" that read my blog and offer me guidance! Mad props to Susan for all the time she's spent with me on chat, email, blog to help me achieve more than i ever thought I could!

3. Deliberation. Plan your activities a week in advance and you are more than likely to stick to it. Might need a coach's help with it though. I've to give Susan props again for this one. Without goals, how do you know where you're heading?

4. Set up affordances. I signed up and PAID for bootcamp 3x a week so I know at a bare minimum, I'm attending bootcamp 3x a week.

5. Help others. When I achieve success, I immediately try to pass it on and help others succeed. Seeing other people succeed motivates me to continue being the best I can be.

6. Cause and effect. I weigh myself daily so I know the consequences of my actions (or lack thereof). A heart-rate monitor also does the same thing for me.

7. Cheating. I push myself hard, because I'm not cheating anyone but myself.

8. Education. I read alot - to educate myself on what I'm eating so again, I know the consequences of my actions.

9. Money vs health. I stopped being cheap. Bootcamp? Bring it on! Coaching with Joe? Bring it on! Heart-rate monitor? Bring it on! New workout clothes? Bring it on! Expensive organic produce? Bring it on! Anything to keep me moving and keep me healthy!!! Money is _nothing_ compared to good health.

10. The goal. I keep my eye on the prize, both short-term and long-term. Ultimately, I want to be a warrior for life. Strong enough to run after my children and keep up with them. Live a long and healthy life. Somehow kettlebell is going to fit in awesome to a new mother's routine.

*** Please do share with everyone your systems for success!! ***


Iris said...

Jojo - you are a CHANGED person. Permanently. No doubt in my mind that your life is going to be miles healthier than it used to be.

Jo said...

I dont know iris... just yesterday I was visualizing what it would be like to have a sausage mc muffin ... mmmmm

Iris said...

krispy kreme for me, baby.

Jo said...

hha gues we all have our momemnts of weakness!